K-Bull 93 in Salt Lake City: A Bunch of Bull

Yesterday a dear friend of mine sent her husband back to Iraq after a very short two-week visit. As you can imagine, she was in tears driving home from the airport. While driving home she heard that the country radio station KBULL 93 would give tickets to the midnight showing of Spiderman 3 to the families of active duty military that called in. My friend called and between sobs told them she had just sent her husband off to Iraq again. They told her she could have the tickets and put her on hold so that they could collect her contact information.

My friend waited on hold for a good 30 minutes, then the phone hung up on her. She tried calling back later in the day and the dj she spoke with gave her the business line to call. She left a message and her call was never returned.

So what, right? Who cares if she didn’t get movie tickets. The thing is, she needed that diversion. She needed to get out of the house and needed that two hours to forget that she had just dropped off the love of her life to go fight in a war. She was disappointed on an already dismal and gray day.

I decided to email the radio station and let them know what went on. So did a few of my friends (I think four of us at the most.) Here is what I sent them:

Yesterday morning my friend took her husband to the airport. He was here for two weeks after being deployed to Iraq for a long while. He is heading back to Iraq and will be there until December.

On her way home from the airport my friend called your radio station when you asked that military families could call in for tickets to the new Spiderman 3 movie. She was caller 15 and won! She was so happy! She was placed on hold and told that someone would get back to her to take her information. She waited on hold for a long while, then the phone hung up on her. She tried calling back and the dj working told her to contact the business office. She left a message with the business office but didn’t hear back.

My friend never received her tickets and was unable to go to the movie. This may not seem like such a big deal to you or me, but it was a big deal to her. She was so excited about going! Yesterday was a really hard day for her and she really could have used the diversion. She was really disappointed.

Anyway, I guess I am writing to let you know about someone that slipped through the cracks. My friend is a wonderful person, a great wife and a great mom who does it all herself while her husband is away fighting for our country. She deserves to have a break! Anything you could do to correct this situation would be fabulous. I know you guys will do your best.

Little did I know that that email would stir a reeking, festering pot of meanness. The radio station called my friend this morning. Instead of apologizing for their mistake, they went off on her about how inappropriate it was for her friends to innundate them with emails (again, as far as I know there were only four at the most sent). They were upset and mad and let her know it. She started crying and ended up hanging up on them.

The program director emailed me and asked me to please give him a call this morning. I called and he asked me to explain the situation. I told him what happened, he asked me what time it happened. I told him that I didn’t know, and that the whole situation was blown out of proportion. That all I wanted was to do something nice for my friend. That I saw she got the raw end of the deal and I wanted to make it right because she would never try to make it right herself. He told me that since I lacked information about what happened and was hearing everything third person that he would have to talk to my friend personally. I explained to him that she did not want to talk with them. That the conversation with the morning guys this morning had made her completely upset on an already upsetting day and she was done with the whole thing. I told him that all I was trying to do was something nice for my friend, that I wasn’t mad about anything at all until they called her this morning and made her feel like garbage for something her friends did. I told him that all she wanted was an apology at this point and that she deserved it.

He told me that this phone call was not intended to be a B!tch Session for me.

Excuse me? I was not trying to make it a B!tch Session, I was trying to make things right. Apparently that wasn’t going to happen. He told me he was terminating the call because we had nothing more to say to each other.

So now I am ticked. TICKED! Ticked about the way the treated me and 10000 times more ticked about the way they treated my friend. They had no right to call her and make her feel bad. I told him I was going to let every person that I knew NEVER to listen to KBULL 93 in Salt Lake City again. So here I am, attempting to do that. For a country radio station that claims to be “supporting our troops and their families” they are sure doing a crappy job. Way to show them your support guys.

Bloggers, I would love if you could link to this page so we can spread the word.

PS K-Bull: I LOVE the Dixie Chicks. Won’t you start playing them again?

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  1. taffi Says:

    linky-loo! this is such a bunch of BULLLLL

    all they had to do was say, ‘oops, sorry. here’s your tickets.’

  2. RebB Says:

    Go Emily!

  3. Alissa Says:

    i promise to never listen to KBULL 93 in SLC.

  4. Becky Says:

    Way to go, Emily! I’ve sent a link to your blog to some friends. I’m sure it will make a few rounds! :)

  5. Blackeyedsue Says:

    You’ve been linked.

  6. abc momma Says:

    All for one!!! You go girl!

  7. ABC Momma :: Salt Lake City people need to know this. :: May :: 2007 Says:

    […] Read this about KBULL 93. […]

  8. Jami Says:

    You are such a good friend Emily.

  9. jackie Says:

    Call me please!

  10. Tina Says:

    I think their station name is very accurate, because they’re full of BULLSH!T! Way to support our troops, you losers Tommy and Joe Johnson. You suck!

  11. Olivia Says:

    Your linked!

  12. Olivia Says:

    uh… that should say YOU’RE linked.

  13. Laura Says:

    This news sickens me…. what is wrong with these people. Where are people’s hearts, morals, respect for others….. man oh man. Just like the others said, “you go girl”.

  14. Amy Says:

    You are linked on my page!! You rock sister!!

  15. amerimeximadre Says:


    why did they have to be so rude about it? The girl just wanted some tickets. they don’t know what they’ve started!

  16. Eric Says:

    More can be done to correct this situation. You should post the stations address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses that you have. I hate country and their site is too annoying to find them, stupid flash menu. I wish I lived close so I could be more effective. I am highly disturbed by this and if you post any requested info I would be glad to fight anonymously for your friend.

  17. Ken Says:

    Why not write to their bosses at:


  18. Ken Says:

    Never mind, my Email just came back as undeliverable.
    Sorry about that

  19. b. Says:

    My response when I got this news from a friend:
    I stopped listening several years ago. I can’t remember what was said or why but it was something during the morning show that turned me off. If I accidentally skip to it and happen to leave it there on my commute to work I am nearly ALWAYS insulted. I am in no way a prude…..my favorite morning show is Bob and Tom (nationally….bobandtom.com) but the morning people are always calling and ripping on somebody, they are raunchy and rude, they sound stupid and make me embarrassed they are from my state (yes, KBULL, bring back the Dixie Chicks……you are far worse and nowhere NEAR as talented).
    Thanks, I will forward this and spread the word.

  20. April Says:

    Working on linking. ;)

  21. SEE Says:

    Go to the press! Call other radio stations! hit them where it hurts!

    That is just aweful!

  22. Meadow Says:

    How sad and I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier, I listened to them most of the day today.

  23. Danny Ryan Says:

    WOW. 3 1/2 years of battling with the “Bull”….and hearing literally dozens of horror stories like yours….unfortunately, I’m not surprised. The Program Director is Ed Hill and don’t get me started about his sterling reputation as a likeable guy. Typical overreaction and lack of customer service on their part. Too bad we couldn’t reach more people with The Eagle and our more sincere brand of serving our listeners and actually caring about each one. Too bad that listeners and advertisers have to settle for the “Bull” because they reach more people with a better signal and have the bigger ratings….even though they aren’t a better station. I sympathize with your plight and encourage you to exercise your right to tune them out and turn them off. Oh, and God bless your Husband, your family, and our troops! Take care.

    Danny Ryan

    former Assistant Program Director/Music Director of “101.5 The Eagle”

  24. StacyL Says:

    You already know how I feel. I am ready to stand up for her in any way I can! And you rock for getting this out there! I’ll send your link to as many people in UT as I can!!!

  25. AimeeTheSuperMom Says:

    You already know our girl has my support. I wrote them a polite e-mail this morning. It won’t be so polite tomorrow if it doesn’t get fixed. Those punks. Seriously, may their pant crotches split next time they bend to tie shoe.

  26. Corinne Says:

    You are a class A moron for getting involved with other people’s shit. You like to stir shit, don’t you?

    Oh boo hoo, her husband is going to do his DUTY. The least you can do is stop thinking that she’s ENTITLED to everything because of that.

  27. Amy Says:

    Corinne – and why are you so bitter?!? The point at the heart of the matter is this: they said she won free tickets, they didn’t give them to her, so THEY LIED! False advertising, maybe? Failure to follow through on an oral contract maybe? Unethical – definitely! Her circumstances aside, ANYONE who was told “Hey You won” and then not give their prize has a right to fight back. I would, and I don’t even have a husband or relative in the military. Her situation just made the happening worse! And it’s his DUTY b/c he signed up for it. Willingly. Thank God that DUTY isn’t yours or we’d all be dead, how ungrateful you are.

  28. Misty Says:

    Yeah, she’s entitled to RESPECT. Just like every other American, whether or not they have a family member fighting the war. This has nothing to do with her getting stiffed and everything to do with their blatant absence of human decency. They had no right to call and yell at her over a few kindly worded emails that she had no control over.

  29. candy Says:

    Yow. I’ve heard that about Johnson and Johnson at the ‘BULL before. I actually know a woman who’d called there by mistake, said “ooops” and hung up. They actually traced her with caller id and screamed at her for hanging up and “wasting their time.” Crazy, angry guys. Sorry for your friend. I’ve called in before to shows, and I know things can get crazy and fall through the cracks. But all they had to do was tell her, “sorry, you weren’t the right caller, sorry for keeping you waiting,” or just giving her some freaking tickets!

  30. Olivia Says:

    KBull proudly declares that they support the military. Calling a soldier’s wife and yelling at her isn’t doing that.

    If they are going to talk the talk, then they need to walk the walk. In big matters and in small ones too.

  31. catherine Says:

    i have NEVER left a comment on a blog before, but corinne’s last comment has me completely dumbfounded. i can’t let that be the last comment on this blog. corinne must be quite the class act herself. “you like to stir shit”–where in the world did that come from? and where in this blog post does emlouisa infer that this girl is entitled to everything b/c her husband is going to war? last time i checked, involving yourself in another person’s sorrows and troubles is called “being a good friend” and not being “a class A moron”. way to go, emily.

  32. candy Says:

    And don’t forget their boss, Ed Hill…how was that a “bitch session?” Unless she was abusive in her language, I can’t imagine how that comment was appropriate. However, last time I heard about this class act, he was in the press conference at the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping case, asking questions about how many times she’d had sex with her kidnapper and if she was pregnant. Wow, way to focus on a 14 year-old girl’s rape.

  33. Jeannette Says:

    Holy Crap! I leave the internet world for a few days and all H*ll breaks loose!

    Em – good for you for sticking up for your friend! I will have you in my corner any time.

    And Corinne – you suck. That’s all.

  34. emlouisa Says:

    I think some people are missing the point. It was not about the free tickets. Who cares about the tickets!!!! It was how they handled the situation after the fact that is the problem. Instead of apologizing, they reamed her for having her friends email them. She had NOTHING to do with that at all. THAT is what I have a problem with, not the fact that she didn’t get something for free.

    Just clearing it up for all the skimmers out there, haha.

  35. hitthefan Says:

    Yeah, no one really cares about tickets here. We care about how a person was treated. All they needed to do is say sorry about the mistake. Why do they like to make someone cry?

  36. vanislander Says:

    Considering what I read, I can only imagine the the link supplied http://heroes.kbull93.com/ ,supporting US troops is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. KBULL is BULLSHiT!

  37. Lloyd Says:

    Ok Ok Ok, any radio jock will tell you that people will do whatever they feel is necessary to get ‘free stuff.’ They will beg, they will lie, they will even make up stories to make you believe that they really won something when they didn’t. Perhaps the DJ who put her on hold made a simple mistake and put her on hold and forgot. I can imagine that happening, I have worked as a DJ at many stations and stuff happens. OR maybe the DJ was annoyed because she was crying and he doesn’t have any empathy to give her since he risks his life everyday playing country tunes (sarcastic). The truth is, neither I nor anyone EXCEPT those involved know the truth. I am sure that those who called and complained or emailed and complained were not always the nicest people about it. It is probably true that those at the radio station were not as nice about it as they could have been. But please understand that they get harrassed by people all the time. It isn’t just here and there but I have answered the phone non-stop on some nights by people BEGGING for free stuff. It gets old. Also, remember that people have a way of OVER DRAMATIZING everything to be in their favor. So my point, WE DON’T KNOW THE TRUTH and I doubt either side of the issue is being completely honest about what happened. So, will everyone take a chill pill and realize that there are more important things to worry about? KUBL will always be around, they are a fixture in SLC radio. I doubt this is really going to have an effect.

    Also, Jeannette… don’t rip on people because they are ripping on people, that is just hypocritical. And Corinne, that was immature and you never help anything by comments like that.

  38. Lloyd Says:

    By the way, why don’t we all get together and do something for this lady instead of whining and moaning. I will personally by her a family pass of movies, and a popcorn and some drinks. I think as Americans we get too caught up in protest and less in actually making a difference. I say we make a difference. 10001337@uvlink.uvsc.edu

  39. Jeannette Says:

    Lloyd – I know there are lots of people who always want something for free. But the 1st rule of customer service is “The customer is always right”. It isn’t that hard to say oops, we dropped your call.

    And for the record – I thought it was pretty crappy of Corinne to say what she did. And I don’t and have never claimed to be un-hypocritical. I am sticking up for my friends.

  40. Onica Says:

    It still comes down to decency and customer service. All they had to do was say “I’m Sorry” instead of being all p.o.’d about it. If I EVER was that rude to a customer, no matter how warranted/unwarranted it was, I would be severely reprimanded.

  41. Lloyd Says:

    Jeanette, Customers? I think we will call them listeners. The radio stations do incredible work to prepare shows, showcase new music, AND they give out free stuff. One person misses out on $8 movie tickets and its the end of the world and the radio station hates everyone who has anything in common with this woman. It just seems kinda stupid to me. Who has their friends call and email a station over a silly mistake. AND like I said before, I doubt that KUBL was as bad as everyone is saying. Its almost fun now to see how big a deal this is to everyone. Heck, forget that there are people doing wonderful things in this world, LETS just be selfish and whine about Spiderman 3 tickets.

  42. zje Says:

    She didn’t “have her friends” call and email, her friends did that voluntarily, assuming that the radio station would want to rectify their mistake. Who calls up someone whose friends have emailed them and yells at that person, especially a military wife who just sent her husband to IRAQ? Why not just ignore the emails? The least they could have done was ignore it completely. Nobody forced the dj’s to call up this woman at all, much less yell at her. They did that all on their own.

  43. me Says:

    kbull 93 is owned by Citadel Broadcasting Company, traded publically with the symbol CDL – go directly to the owners of the station

  44. Maiopiao Says:

    I am posting here to clear up any confusion–especially the things that Lloyd has said. I am the one this happened to. The stupid tickets were the LEAST of my concerns! I had no plans to persue anything! When I found out that I wouldn’t get the tickets I thought “oh well”, and I honestly didn’t care!!
    Some of my amazing friends just thought that I had gotten the raw end of the deal. So they wrote a couple of emails to the station. The next morning, I got a phone call. It was Tommy & Joe, calling me directly. They put me on speaker phone, and proceeded to chew me out about the emails. the first thing they said to me was ” We sure hope that you’ll do as good of a job repairing our good name, as you did trashing it”. They were angry, and were yelling at me about posting crap to trash them on the internet, and now they were being “slammed” with emails. (It was actually 5 emails or less!). They wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise! Every time I tried to say anything, they would interrupt me. They just assumed that I had tried to start a big smear campaign against them, and that I had told everyone to write all these emails to them. Every time I started a sentence, they would cut me off. In the middle of the conversation I yelled “YOU ARE NOT LETTING ME TALK”. And they still just kept going. I got upset, and at this point I was bawling. They would not let me even begin to explain that this wasn’t my fault, I didn’t give a crap about the tickets, I never told anyone to send them emails, and I was never mad at them in the first place. But they only wanted to believe what they thought was true, without even giving me 5 seconds to explain to them otherwise. Two men who talk for a living, call up a woman off guard and start to rip into her on speaker phone just isn’t fair. All I wanted to say was that I didn’t do the things they were saying, and they wouldn’t let me. They finally told me to hold on, because they had to go for a minute. I was hysterical. So I hung up!! What, was I supposed to sit there on hold, just so they could come back on and yell at me? They didn’t want to hear what I had to say, so what was the point of them talking to me?

    After that, for the rest of the morning, I recieved phone messages from them. They even tried calling from a “private” phone number. I have no desire to speak to them. I sent them an email, and went through a timeline step by step every single thing that had happened when I talked to them on the radio, and then the next day. They emailed back and tried to throw things back in my face, just to cover themselves, so I sent yet another email and explained EVERYTHING. How they were totally wrong about me. They said they felt a little bad that they hurt my feelings and that there might have been some “confusion”, but they wanted me to understand how this is hurting their “reputation”. All they cared about was their reputation, and they couldn’t care less if they treated me badly for the wrong reasons.

    My friends just wanted to help me. I never arranged for anyone to send the station emails about the stupid tickets!! I wasn’t even planning on doing anything about them, I honestly didn’t care. The reason that I am angry is because they decided to call me and yell at me, without even finding out what was really going on. They wouldn’t admit that they were wrong. All they would have had to do is apologize for treating me like crap, and their “reputation” would be fine. So those of you who think I am “begging” for things are so far wrong!! I don’t want anything from them, I never did. I just wanted tommy & joe to listen to me, and say they were sorry for assuming the things they did about me. This whole thing would have been fine if they would have just let me tell them what actually happened. THIS is the reason that people are mad….NOT THE TICKETS!! They aren’t even the issue!!!! It’s the ruthless and cruel way they treated me after the emails that I had nothing to do with. This is why everyone is so angry now. I am not a superficial moron who throws fits about stupid movie tickets. GIVE ME A BREAK.

    Corrinne–You are the same as the radio dj’s. Just assuming things you have no clue about. Why on EARTH would I throw a fit about some lame tickets? I’m sorry but I fight back when people hurt my feelings and treat me like crap! Especially when it’s for all the wrong reasons. Find out the truth before you say such hurtful things.

  45. JustMe Says:

    It’s not about the tickets people! Her call got dropped (nobody’s fault), she was bummed that she wasn’t going to the movie, 3 people (not 100s) emailed the station seeing if they could do something nice for their friend. That’s all! The station could have totally ignored the emails and NONE of this would be going on right now. They decided to call her and berate her over 3 emails? Who does that? That’s what people are peeved off about. Not the tickets. And since Emily IS one of the people involved, I’m sure she knows what happened and is telling the truth.

  46. Richy T Says:

    Please contact me Emily…

  47. Lei Says:

    Lloyd… you’ve posted the most comments here. Who’s making the bigger deal? And it’s K-Bull. :)

  48. Lei Says:

    We love you M!

  49. StacyL Says:

    Interesting the power of friendship, isn’t it? And look at all the publicity they COULD have avoided by just saying they were sorry! (or ignoring the emails in the first place) If you read this blog you would have read Em’s original email. There was NO MENTION of begging for tickets or entitlement. Just a concerned friend who wanted to help. Not a slander or demand in it. Not ONE! So what’s the big deal? PRIDE. Suck it up and be a man and own up to your mistakes! Even if it wasn’t YOUR fault the call got dropped. Even if your feeling were hurt by 3-5 emails. Even if you flt personally attacked. SUCK. IT. UP!

  50. K-BULL 93 (emphasis on BULL) Does It Again « Rantings of Stu Says:

    […] Well, just a couple days ago they did just that. […]

  51. Stuart Says:

    As a former radio DJ myself, let me just say that the fact that one is abused all day by psychotic callers is no excuse for the type of behavior that these people displayed. Being a radio DJ is a choice. One can always quit.

    Heck, I got fired from eBay doing support because a guy told me to f**k the internet. I told him screwing the internet would take too long so how ’bout we just solve his problem instead. Substantially less than what these bull-oney eaters have done.

    Secondly, as has been mentioned several times, it has nothing to do with the tickets. You’re a freakin’ idiot if that’s what you think it’s about. Do you like it when somebody else screws up, then yells at you about it?

    Thirdly, I hate country music.

    Fourthly, who gives a flying crap? It’s real fun harassing radio DJ’s! Let’s get it on!!!

    Fifthly, count me in to support the cause!

    Sixthly… nothing. I just wanted to say sixthly. Siiiixthlyyy… just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

    Seventhly. Ugh, that’s just weird. Seventhly. It’s like finger nails on a chalkboard.

    SEVENTHLY! *shudder*

  52. Lucky Red Hen Says:

    To have a logical reaction/comment to this issue, I’d like to see a transcript of the aired phone call published from beginning to end in its entirety. That is the only thing that can be proven and not heresay as the rest of the conversations. It’s also difficult to understand what is going on without seeing all the emails that were sent to the radio station (not that they’d be warranted to publicly humiliate a listener – that still should’ve been handled in a private manner).

    My dad is a retired Lt. Colonel and we endured many months without him as he served our country. I have experienced the anxiety while he was away and watched my mom do her best to keep composure.

    I applaud the families that have sent “our” soldiers to defend our humanity and pray for their safe return.

  53. JustMe Says:

    The phone call wasn’t aired. Duh, like they’d air themselves yelling at her. That’s the burning question, why did they call her to begin with? She didn’t do anything. She told her friends she was disapointed that she wasn’t going. That’s all!

  54. emily Says:

    hi there!

    i just read about this at another friends’ blog — and since i actually live in SLC, i thought i’d write to let you know how lame i think this whole thing is. i do like country music (in moderation), and listen to kbull now and then. they are always talking about supporting the troops, and their families, and being patriotic, etc., etc. it seems mighty hypocritical of them to be acting this way. i’m sorry your friend has had this extra heartache.

    i won’t listen to kbull again.

  55. Terina Says:

    i am a military wife. when i read this, i was upset because of the military end of it. but then i got to thinking, and no one should be treated this way. just because they are radio DJ’s doesn’t give them the right to call people and do that. i don’t live anywhere near SLC (thank goodness) but when people are treated in this manner, it is just not right. i agree, that it wasn’t about the movie tickets. and if this radio station has a history of treating people this way, then why are people still supporting them and listening? i bet if that if someone had called her back and said “sorry, you didn’t get the tickets”, none of this would have happened.
    i would count myself lucky to have friends like this. they just wanted something nice for their friend. nothing more.
    i’m sure radio stations have people constantly calling and begging for free stuff. but thats what happens when you advertise constantly that you are giving away free stuff.
    corinne obviously has never sent her husband away to fight in a war. someone should tell her that people have fought and died over the right of free speech. i sure wouldn’t want to have her as a friend. and knowing MANY military wives and active duty members, i have yet to meet one that felt they were “entitled” to anything, other than getting paid for the job that they are doing for this country. (especially something as small as free movie tickets.) hopefully there are few people like that, just as i hope there are few people like corinne in the world. and more people like emlouisa that love their friends.

  56. Me Says:

    I linked you.

  57. Maiopiao Says:

    This is NOT hear-say!!! This happened to ME!!! Emily was directly involved because she sent an email, and got a really rude phone call back from Ed Hill. I’m tired of people saying they don’t know if this is true or not. This crap happened to me YESTERDAY!! I posted a previous comment about the whole story.

    There is no transcript (as far as I know) because it was johnson & johnson who called me directly when they were not on the air. It sounded to me like they were in a small room, like their office probably so that they could do this without their producers hearing it. I highly doubt that they could have gotten away with it, with everyone hearing what they said. Usually when I’ve called their morning show, I get screened through the producer first. This was directly to them, and the calls & phone messages I recieved were directly from them. I had the radio on that morning, and never heard them calling me or saying anything about it on air. They would have gotten some seriously bad publicity if they did…. The whole thing just seemed really shady to me. They didn’t want me to email them, so they just kept calling my phone. I’m sure that they knew they had done something wrong, and didn’t want to get in trouble.

  58. b. Says:

    Get Gephardt.
    Did you save the phone messages?
    I realize you (and I) don’t care about the tickets. It’s not about that. But wouldn’t it be nice to expose what really did happen in person on tv and not let j&j get away with this type of behavior again, therefore preventing someone else from having to go through this. Obviously there was fear….or they wouldn’t have kept trying to call you back.

  59. Amber Says:

    I agree it’s pretty lame. Em- don’t let the negative comments get to you. Mai- I’m sorry you both got such a bad deal. Pretty lame if you ask me. Don’t let it get to you too long- have the power over them. I’m not trying to make it no big deal I just hope it doesn’t last too long. Sounds like most people here support you and think it’s junk, what they did. Also THANKS TO YOUR HUSBAND!!! It’s an incredible thing that they do for ALL of us- no matter if we’re grateful or not. THANK YOU and THEM!!

  60. Alaina Says:

    Emily and Military Mom- I love both you girls!!! I’m linked!!

  61. Ramaja5 Says:

    My internet was down a few days…but now that I’m all caught up:

    Mai–I appreciate you coming on here and telling your TRUE side of the story…I’m sure you are tired of telling it and I’m sure right now it’s so damn frustrating! I am so very sorry that they treated you this way, and to call you so many times and email you over and over is completely OBVIOUS that they were scrambling to get “you” (AKA your 3 friends that emailed) to shut the hell up. Unfortunately, their ignorance clowded their judgment! As your friend, and someone who SAW YOU SAY “OH WELL” TO THE TICKETS (really people, get the facts straight before you accuse someone!) I am FIERCLY mad that they called YOU first! I am so sorry that you sent your dh to Iraq and THIS was what you were forced to deal with!!!!!!

    Em – you’re a good friend!!!!

  62. Maiopiao Says:

    Last night I talked with Ed Hill (station manager) on the phone. He knew that I didn’t want to talk to him, but he promised that he was going to be kind to me. He called my cell phone back. He was apologizing for the things that had happened with the radio station. And he said he didn’t understand why T & J called me on the phone the way they did. It didn’t seem really sincere to me, it actually seemed really fake. Because I knew how he had treated my friend on the phone earlier. There was so much sucking up going on….he said something like “I can tell that you are one of the nicest people around” I just wanted to GAG. I said to him that I appreciated the fact that he was trying to make it better (sincere or not, whatever) but the only thing that would have fixed it is an apology from T & J, because they were the ones that yelled at me on the phone. He didn’t say anything to the affect that they were sorry at all. Big shocker there.

    Then he said that he wanted to do something for me to help. He said something that had me ready to bust out laughing. He said “I can see from these emails that you have a lot of great friends who care about you. So I’d like to take you & some of these friends to the Sawyer Brown concert on us.” I told him that I really don’t want anything from them, I never did. I would actually rather not have anything to do with them. The only thing I want is an apology. He said that he understood that, and mumbled something else that I didn’t understand. I just felt like it was so fake. It was like he was just trying to buy me off, so that I wouldn’t be angry with them anymore. After everything that has happened, are concert tickets really going to make it all better? I’m not that superficial!

    I just wish that someone would sincerely apologize, and stop trying to cover their butts. It really frustrates me. I don’t even like Sawyer Brown anyway….I don’t want a fake apology from him, or anyone else. And he never said that T & J were sorry, or that they were ever planning on saying anything. I don’t plan on it. Even if they do apologize now, it’s too little too late ya know? It would only be because they had to, and not because they meant it.

    This whole thing could have ended so much easier. It’s just the shady way that this radio station is handling things that is really irritating me. I just had the WORST feeling in the pit of my stomach while I was on the phone with him. How can someone treat a person horribly one minute, and then the next minute be shoveling out all kinds of compliments. Lame.

    I was finally able to talk to my husband today, and tell him everything that has happened. Let’s just say that he isn’t happy. And when the rest of his unit hears about it, I think the wrath of the military is going to come down on KBULL-oney. So much for supporting the troops.

  63. Lloyd Says:

    See, my point exactly. You are never going to be happy with anything the radio station does. Geez, this is rediculous. I will apologize for them, THEY’RE sorry that they try to please 30,000 people daily. They’re sorry they messed with you and your friends. This last post was absolutely rediculous…

    “He wasn’t sincere, … I didn’t want anything from them except and apology… ”

    More people not happy unless they have something to complain about.

  64. Steph Says:

    Okay. So, I kinda agree with Lloyd. I believe in free speech, but I think it’s all been blown out of proportion. Everyone deals with rude and inconsiderate people everyday. But you have your ten minutes of venting and then you just have to move on.
    Just move on. Really.

  65. Maiopiao Says:

    Believe me, I am moving on. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I have important things & people in my life that really matter to me. Those deejays know they were wrong, and now I’m just fine. I’m a lucky woman with 3 wonderful kids, and a strong and caring husband. Those people are the ones that have to live with themselves. I honestly don’t think any of them are worth more of my precious time. Thanks to everyone who helped me. I really am grateful for such awesome people in my life.

  66. emlouisa Says:

    “You have to have your ten minutes of venting and then you just have to move on. Move on. Really.”

    Moving on here too. Never going to listen to them again, but still moving on.

    Thanks for all the comments and emails and support. Ya’ll are great.

  67. lil sis Says:

    You are the best friend a person could have! My sister is a rockstar!

  68. Terina Says:

    Lloyd, you are kind of ridiculous yourself. i sure hope when someone treats you badly from a customer service perspective you are as able to turn the other cheek as you are telling this woman. Maybe if it happened to your wife or sister you might feel a little differently. NO ONE should be treated this way, regardless of if they are military or not. of course she should move on as her comment above states. but because she is moving on, doesn’t mean that they should get away with treating someone like that. be they a DJ of a radio station, a CEO of a huge company, a restaurant owner…….
    i myself do not live in Utah, but i have called people i know and sent emails to them regarding this situation, and have encouraged them to never listen to this station again. that was the least i could do.

  69. SFC Wade Olsen (Malinda's husband) Says:

    To start off, I really have nothing to say about the events that have transpired over the last couple of days with the radio station (mainly because many of you have said it all). I also want to say thank you to the many of you who have supported my wife (Malinda) and family. It is great to know that there are wonderful sympathetic people that are there to lend a helping hand to my wife and kids while I am away.

    I once again thank you all, and I want you all to know that it a lot easier to do this job over here, knowing that all of you are supporting not only the military personnel but also their spouses and families. Thank you!

    SFC Wade Olsen
    (Husband to the Greatest Woman in the World)

  70. Jami Says:

    SFC Wade Olsen,

    I want to thank you for all you are doing for our country. Thank you for sacrificing your time away from your family, for my family. Your wife is one of the greatest people I know, and I so happy to have her as my friend. God bless you.

    Emily, your lil sis was right, you are a rockstar!!!

  71. emlouisa Says:

    Due to the vulgarness of the last couple comments, all comments will be moderated. (The vulgar comments have been removed)

  72. Betttsi Says:

    Dear Mr. Lloyd…You say that we are not customers just listeners..that is where you are wrong! we are customers because without people listening you wouldn’t have a job. Radio stations go off the air all the time because their listeners get tired of them and they don’t get the support they need. KBull hasn’t been around all that long and they definately can go off the air in an instant. I remember that not too long ago KBull wasn NOT the #1 country station on the air, the one that was #1 all of a sudden got cancelled putting Kbull in thier #1 spot by default. It could happen to KBull too!
    I’m sorry this all happened to a wonderful person. I admire you for all you do without your husband. I have kids that are young and it’s not easy with both parents let alone only 1 parent. Military or not NO ONE deserves to be treated this way.
    If you won you should receive your prize no matter who you are. That’s called ethics.

  73. daring one Says:

    Wow you guys. Em. Way to go. If I were there, I’d boycott too.

    I think if these people knew anything about you and who you are, they’d know that there’s not a malicious or greedy bone in your body. You were giving them a chance to make something right and they totally blew it. Sure, the hangup was probably an accident, but they could have made it better right then and there.

  74. Mom Says:

    I am proud of you for being the good person that you are. You are a great and caring friend. I am proud to have such a wonderful person for a daughter. I love you.

  75. Earthquake Jake Says:

    First off let me appologize Immensely (on behalf of K-BULL 93) for the way you were treated and spoken to on the phone. I’m a DJ for them, I work Sat afternoon’s 2-6 and fill in work. Reading this has upset me and I’m very, Very sorry! I’m not excusing our actions, but please keep in mind it gets crazy in here and we sometimes do “Space off”. At any rate, again my appologies to you and your friends. Anything I can do to help you please let me know. My sister is a military wife so I have empathy for you and I’m sorry you have to wonder where/what is happening with your husband. That was the hardest year I think our family has experienced when my Brother-In-Law was in Iraq. I/ “The Bull” does care! I promise you! Please don’t judge us off of one or two DJ’S.